The benefits of collaborative law for divorce in Colorado

Privacy is one of the primary benefits of collaborative divorce. What folks don’t realize is that whenever they go with an attorney and apply for divorce, everything becomes public. The petition is public and financial affidavits are public. Whenever we read in the newspapers about celebrities that spend all this money on vacations, the foundation of the info is documents in the court proceeding. In collaborative divorce, financial affidavits are prepared, but they aren’t filed with the court. In fact, this entire process occurs outside of the court before very end.

One of the other benefits of collaborative divorce is transparency. The couple and everything the experts involved concur that any decision will be produced with the knowledge of every person else. Third, the parties have personal control over the results. You don’t have a judge who may have only known you from court deciding exactly what will be the best situation for the family. Finally, the collaborative process is more expedient. The couple have total control over how quickly it goes. The process goes as quickly as the slowest participant.
Once you know what defines the process, it’s important to learn why you might want to choose it over more traditional ways of divorce. These 8 Advantages emphasize areas of Collaborative Divorce that are deeply important to many of my clients: stress reduction, time efficiency, control, and cost.

1. You enjoy increased control over the procedure. Instead of letting a stranger in a black robe make decisions for you, you as well as your spouse could work out an arrangement autonomously by making use of the Collaborative Divorce Attorney professionals.

2. The approach contributes to less stress, anxiety and frustration for you as well as your children than traditional approaches.

3. You can form usable insight into yourself as well as your relationships, which can support you as you rebuild your daily life.

4. You avoid court-related scheduling problems. Particularly if you work hard – and/or you have young children or medical needs – the original divorce process can be quite disruptive. Collaborative lets you bypass this costly logistical encumbrance.

5. Collaborative lets you resolve the divorce privately. Divorce is sensitive and personal. Ideally, most people prefer not to air their grievances in public areas. The procedure is discrete.

6. Having less formality brings about more creativity. Rather than getting burdened by arbitrary technical and legal requirements, parties can share their thoughts and feelings and views on things that are really important to them and, with the aid of the Collaborative professionals, create personalized solutions that fit their circumstances.

7. The interdisciplinary team’s insights can have positive long term consequences. For instance, maybe you as well as your spouse never really had a grip on finances, however the financial advisor will let you develop a working budget and money management plan. Or possibly the parenting expert may help find a good therapist to handle your daughter’s persistent behavioral problem that she’s been having at school and thus reduce stress for everyone involved.

8. In general, it costs significantly less than litigation and the return on investment is a lot greater.